How to do proper SEO these days… Experts vary and agree on things

Although search engine optimization is going from years as Google is changing its patterns, many people are finding it hard to do proper SEO. We talked to several experts lately and found out their opinions regarding this.


Let’s start by talking about what the views were regarding keyword research and its correct implementation. Most of the experts agreed that keyword research hasn’t changed much after the updates. You just have to get a good quality SEO software like Traffic Travis or market Samurai and find out your favorite keywords that are suitable for your niches. According to own research done by the world–, it was discovered that traffic Travis with its discount is much cheaper than the later one, but it cannot provide data regarding majestic trust flow and Citation flow like market Samurai.


Now, what’s about backlinking? This is a very serious subject, and many things changed after the latest panda and penguin updates, so various things are quite different in narrative presented by most of the online marketers. Some argue regarding fast and quick link building that provides a good return on investment without investing too much time in building links. The other section explains that Link building should be slow and steady and should have a Pattern like a natural one. The second party is quite cautious and paranoid about the all-pervasive Google. What we have found out is that it depends on your requirements of building links and various other things. Test, test, and the test can only provide the right solution and not some advice.


Lastly comes the point regarding content, post Panda updates content is the strictest penalty that Google is using regarding low-quality sites. If now, you try to use low quality spun content on your money site then you have more than 80% possibility of getting your site deindexed or penalised in some way or other. Most of the marketers agree that hundred percent original content is the way to success in near future. While are a bunch of those who say that if you use your brain correctly and create an article that is around 90% unique, Google can’t do anything.

Whitehat marketers don’t rely on such techniques and are basing their rankings mostly on social shares by locking their content and providing valuable info to the users.


We also would like to know what your experiences were regarding the new age of search engine marketing and what changes you have seen from the past.



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